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Reusable Coffee Cup Discounts: How Much Could You Save?

Reusable Coffee Cup Discounts - How Much Could You Save?
Most High Street coffee shops offer reusable coffee cup discounts up to £0.50 per coffee. Use our resuable cup calculator to see how much you could save.

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Why Do Coffee Shops Offer Reusable Coffee Cup Discounts?

Did you know that most High Street coffee shops and many independents offer reusable coffee cup discounts? Well they do and you can save up to £0.50 per coffee just by bringing your own reusable cup.

The move is a response to the 7 million takeaway coffee cups that we plough through every single day in the UK.

Our disposable coffee cups are a major waste and environmental problem and most of them can’t be recycled.

After sweeping this problem under the carpet for a while coffee shops are now helping to reduce cup waste by encouraging us to use reusable coffee cups.

What Discounts Are Available?

All the major High Street coffee chains now offer some form of incentive to use a reusable coffee cup. The most generous are Pret A Manger, Patisserie Valerie and Paul which all offer a £0.50 per coffee discount.

You can get £0.25 discount at Starbucks, Costa and Pumpkin whilst Greggs offers £0.20 discount per coffee.

At Caffe Nero you can’t get a discount but they give you double loyalty points for using a reusable cup.

Which compiled all these into a handy graphic that shows how much you could save if you bought five coffees a week from any of these chains.

Reusaboo | Reusable Coffee Cup Discounts | Which Inforgraphic

But what if you like to mix up your coffee shops a bit? By using our reusable coffee cup savings calculator you just need to enter how many coffees you buy from each every week and we’ll work out how much you could save over the year.

How Quickly Will A Reusable Coffee Cup Pay For Itself?

Our reusable bamboo coffee cup has been designed to be the perfect replacement for your takeaway cup. It will pay for itself in as little as 22 cups of coffee! So it is a great investment if you are a regular coffee drinker!

We made our cups lightweight so they are easy to carry and they are also dishwasher friendly. We designed them with a leakproof screw on lid made from bamboo fibre. This keeps your drink in the cup where it is meant to be and won’t taint the taste either.

So a reusable bamboo coffee cup isn’t just good for the environment but is also a great investment that will also save you money.

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Disposable Coffee Cups Litter Bin | 6 Quick Tips To Reduce Waste Today | Reusaboo

6 Quick Tips To Reduce Waste Today

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