Tree Bag, Every Tote Bag Plants A Tree, Vegan & Ethically Manufactured from Organic Cotton


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Our organic cotton Tree Bag plants a tree to support reforestation in areas devastated by wildfire in Australia. Each one is vegan, ethically manufactured, printed using water-based inks and shipped in eco friendly, plastic free packaging. The perfect reusable alternative to single use plastic bags.

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Every Tree Bag pays for a tree to be planted in Australia to help restore the natural environment ravaged by wildfires in late 2019 and early 2020. We support reforestation projects because tree planting can make a huge contribution to tackling climate change. They absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, purify the air of pollutants as well as helping to lower temperatures and conserve water. Tree planting is also a really easy and cheap way to tackle climate change. Read our article on the Benefits of Planting A Tree for more information on why you should support reforestation.

Tree Planting Could Remove Two Thirds Of Our Emissions | Benefits of Planting a Tree | Reusaboo


Not all cotton tote bags are created equal. Regular cotton relies on extensive use of pesticides and chemicals to maximise production. Intensive production like this strips soil from the land and leaves it unusable for other crops. The chemicals that get used in producing regular cotton can also leach into your skin.

We wanted our tote bags to make a positive impact so we have partnered with Continental Clothing to create our Tree Bag from their EarthPositive® range. These are made exclusively from high quality organic Indian cotton. It is naturally grown without any chemicals and harvested by hand. The whole process is controlled and certified under the Global Organic Standard (GOTS) and Soil Association. So you can rely upon a sustainably made premium quality tote bag.

Organic Cotton Farming | Tree Shirt | Reusaboo


We care about people and animals as well as the environment so you can also rest assured that nobody has been exploited during the production of your Tree Bag. Continental Clothing are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. Their Code of Practice ensures that everyone has safe and healthy working conditions with fair pay and reasonable hours. It also means there is absolutely no child labour or exploitation of forced workers either. All their clothing is certified vegan by PETA.


Every Tree Bag is printed to order specially for you. This means they take a little longer for delivery but allows us to reduce waste from surplus stock. Please allow 3 to 5 days for production of your tote bag when you order.

Our printing inks are water-based and certified to confirm they contain no hazardous or environmentally damaging chemicals. Another commitment we have made to creating a premium and sustainable product for you.


The factories used to produce our tote bags are powered by renewable energy leading to a 90% lower carbon footprint than a traditional factory.


This classic reusable shopping tote bag is the ideal size for everyday use and the perfect alternative to single use plastic bags.

Organic Cotton Tote Bag Size Chart | Tree Bag | Reusaboo


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