Natural Eco Kitchen Sponge | Reusable Washing Up & Dish Sponge | 3 Pack

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Our natural eco sponges are made from patterned cotton, jute and are filled with naturally antibacterial bamboo fibre. The perfect alternative to plastic sponges. Each pack contains 3 sponges each with a different design on it. Every sponge is 8.5cm x 13cm.

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Jo Cummins
Jo Cummins
6 x Green Bamboo Dish Cloths | 2nd March 2021
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Lovely quality thick cleaning/dishwashing clothes. i initially thought they were on the small size, but since using them I have decided they are actually the perfect size. Now I want all the colours!
Elizabeth Foster
Elizabeth Foster
6 x Pink Bamboo Dish Cloths | 17th February 2021
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Fantastic product and look great. Delivered quickly.
Julie D
Julie D
Natural Eco Sponges | 20th February 2021
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I like these eco sponges from Reusaboo. I've kept an eye out lately for alternatives to plastic based synthetic sponges given their un-environmentally friendly properties. One criteria essential for me was that any replacements should have - as did my regular synthetic variants - a side that would cope with harder scrubbing tasks. This is the case with Reusaboo as one side is a texturized jute for scrubbing, with the other side suitable for less heavy duty cleaning.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Lunchbox and Water Bottle Set | 28th February 2021
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I bought the Sandwich box & Flask for lunches at work, I am really impressed with the quality. The lid on the lunch box fits really snug & secure, there isn't really a need for the additional band it comes with, but a love added touch. The little flask is great, it keeps drink hot from 8:30-2pm when I finish wok, so is perfect for me.
Bamboo Coffee Cup | 9th February 2021
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Great service and really pretty design. My eco-friendly sister was very happy with this.


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We are a family owned and run business. We package and ship all our orders ourselves in plastic free, recyclable materials.



Each eco sponge has one side made from patterned cotton for light cleaning and one side of heavy duty jute for scrubbing. So each eco sponge can perform a variety of cleaning needs and is ideally suited to a range of tasks around your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home. The sponges are flexible and easy to get into tight corners like glasses, cups, pots and pans.



The only filler material that goes into our sponges is shredded bamboo fibre or wool. This is perfect for cleaning because bamboo is naturally antibacterial so it is a great sustainable alternative to plastic and synthetic sponges which create microplastics every time you use them that then get washed down the drain and eventually end up in our oceans.



When you are finished cleaning you can easily hang your sponges up to dry using the cotton loop provided. This way you avoid sodden sponges that become a breeding ground for bacteria and foul smells. We recommend wringing your sponge out before hanging it up to help it dry faster.



Cleaning shouldn’t have to be boring! Each of our sponges has a unique pattern on it so you can easily tell them apart. Ideal if you want to keep different sponges for different purposes. Use one for cleaning the dishes, another for wiping your worktops and one for the bathroom and never get them confused.



These sponges are ideal for cleaning dishes, pots and pans, work surfaces, sinks , baths and more. They’re reusable and when they get a bit dirty you can just pop them in the washing machine. We recommend washing your sponges on a low temperature (e.g. 30 degrees Celsius) as this will both help prolong the life of the sponge and is better for the environment.

Over time your sponges will naturally wear and small holes may appear in the fabric. This is perfectly normal and you can simply stitch these to give your sponge a little longer life if you wish before disposing of it in your compost.


8.5cm x 13cm


Cotton, Jute and Bamboo Fibre

About Us

We are a family owned and run business which was founded with a mission to reduce waste by promoting a zero waste lifestyle and by providing sustainable swaps that help to address our disposable culture. We handle all the customer queries ourselves and also pack and ship the orders in plastic free, recyclable packaging as well.

When you buy from us you are not only helping to be a bit more sustainable but also supporting a small business as well. So we really do appreciate every single order! Thanks for your support.

Happiness Guarantee

We are happy when you are! So, if you are not happy with your order for any reason just send it back to us unused and we’ll refund you or replace it. This guarantee is applicable for up to 14 days after the date of your order. You will be responsible for the cost of return postage.

14 reviews for Natural Eco Kitchen Sponge | Reusable Washing Up & Dish Sponge | 3 Pack

  1. Julie D

    I like these eco sponges from Reusaboo. I’ve kept an eye out lately for alternatives to plastic based synthetic sponges given their un-environmentally friendly properties. One criteria essential for me was that any replacements should have – as did my regular synthetic variants – a side that would cope with harder scrubbing tasks. This is the case with Reusaboo as one side is a texturized jute for scrubbing, with the other side suitable for less heavy duty cleaning. The filler inside is shredded bamboo fibre cellulose or wool. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, hence its frequent use in chopping boards nowadays. As suggested, let items soak for a while before tackling them – but this would make sense whatever kind of sponge or scourer you were intending to use.

    The top surface of the sponges is made from 100% cotton and generally they feel robust so should prove durable. To clean, you can hand wash or throw them in the washing machine. I have a dishwasher so even regular sponges don’t get constant use, as they might for those who always wash dishes in the sink but many households have dishwashers – don’t think these are only useful for washing the pots. They can equally well be used for wiping down surfaces, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. After use, simply use the hanging loops to hang over your tap.

    About the only thing I didn’t like much here were the 3 patterns on the cotton fronts of these eco sponges which were a little rustic for my tastes but they are a lot less offensive than that plastic mountain that’s threatening our planet. I hope these eco sponges will take off and down the line we might see more designs. Reusaboo even suggest you can stitch any small holes that may appear in the sponges over time – not sure my dedication will extend that far but if you’ve an eye to sustainability, why not try these?

  2. Peter J Hewitt

    i do try and be environmentally friendly and these are attractive eco sponges with no plastic so are worth trying. the main issue is they just aren’t tough enough on heavy stains so i still have to use a old style scrubber for these, but it still means less plastic bought and used. they look a lot nicer than a plastic one and you can hang them on the tap and wash them, so still better than a lot of plastic man made waste.

  3. Silver Moon Sailor

    These are a bit larger than I expected. They look nice and they work well so far. We’ll have to see how long they last.

  4. Josie82

    I’m always interested in eco products that can stop me from using throw away or mass manufactured products. In this case, we get three washing up sponges to replace the traditional yellow and green ones you buy in the supermarkets.

    The sponges look cute – especially the one with the strawberry fabric. They’re well made but do look a little rustic / home made. Not a good or bad thing – just an observation.

    One side of the sponge is a soft cotton and the other side a heavier duty jute. Both sides work just as well as a traditional, supermarket bought sponge and I felt I got a good scrub especially from the jute side. The corners of the sponge also help get into the bottom of glasses and the little nooks and crannies of your dishes.

    When I first used the sponge, I did notice a slight smell. Nothing overly pungent, just a wet, woodsy smell. Not entirely unexpected, when you think about it, and it went away after a couple of basins of dishes.

    The sponges have a little hanger on them so you can hang your sponge up after you’re done with the washing. I gave it a small squeeze then hung it up and I was pleasantly surprised that by the next evening the sponge was bone dry and ready to go again.

    Once these get a wee bit dirty, you can pop them into the washing machine just fine. Then, as they reach the end of their life, you can compost them or pop them in your council’s food and natural waste recycling bin. There’s no indication on how long they’re expected to last, but I suppose it’s horses for courses.

    My reason for only giving them 4 stars – and it would probably have been 3.5 had I been able – was that after the first use, I gave the sponge a little squeeze and part of the inside of the bamboo fibre poked me hard in the finger. It felt like a sharp stab and it hurt like hell. It’s just one of those things, and it didn’t happen again, I must have just caught an edge – but I’ve never had that problem with a traditional sponge and it did make me wary of overly handling the sponges.

    I’ll happily use these sponges and make a decision on whether to buy more once I use them all up. I think that they’re a good replacement product and if you’re looking for a more sustainable washing up sponge then they’re a good price for a decent product. 4 stars.

  5. Nady

    I received a box with 3 sponges, sponges can be reused. I really like how they look, I also like the shape and seams of the sponges. Sponges are comfortable to hold in your hand, it do not slip. Compared to the classic sponge, it does not clean the cups as well ,because sponges does not tighten as much as the classic sponge it is difficult to clean the cup. These 3 sponges are made of durable material, but nevertheless using the 1 month sponge, it broke a bit and wrinkled. I like it ,because it dry quickly and I use less detergent when I use this sponge. However, this sponge gets harder to get dirty and stays in the kitchen longer.

  6. Stephanie Pritchard

    Very pleased with this purchase

  7. Oliver

    These are a fantastic alternative to regular sponges and much better for the environment. I have found no issues or reduction in cleaning quality of my dishes. Fast shipping and friendly service, I highly recommend

  8. Juliet Elizabeth Mary Squires

    product arrived quickly, with the loop on each product able to hang them so that they dry between use have not washed the product yet if that goes well will reorder when needed.

  9. Natasha

    Absolutely amazing sponges that are incredibly durable, and we can tell will be long lasting. Lovely message from seller as well

  10. Jane Vickers

  11. Jennifer Ward

    Lovely little sponges. Attractive designs. Work well.

  12. Annabel Noone

    Please could you remind me if I ordered anything else with this order. Thank you.

  13. Julia Gieronska

    Great product. Exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!

  14. Kamela Angela

    Looks cute and doesn’t scratch my new plates and cutleries ❤️

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