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The ideal set for when you are on the go including a both a premium bamboo toothbrush and eco-friendly travel case. The antibacterial bamboo is perfect for keeping your toothbrush clean and hygienic. Your bamboo toothbrush won’t go mouldy either thanks to the convenient ventilation hole in the lid of the case. Plus it is easy to carry as well. This set includes:

1 x Adult Bamboo Toothbrush – medium / firm bristles

1 x Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case


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Bamboo Toothbrush and Travel Case+2 x Bamboo Toothbrush Holder | Single Brush Holders | Zero Waste | Eco-Friendly
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We are a family owned and run business. We package and ship all our orders ourselves in plastic free, recyclable materials.


This bamboo toothbrush and travel case set is the essential travel companion for the waste conscious. The case is perfect for storing your toothbrush when you are on the go as well as keeping it clean and hygienic. It is made from naturally antibacterial bamboo which helps to prevent bacteria and germs from breeding. So it is the ideal way to look after your toothbrush when you are traveling.

Our travel case also includes a small ventilation hole in the lid the prevent excess moisture from building up and to allow your toothbrush to dry out between uses. This will help to prevent your bamboo toothbrush from going mouldy and to prolong it’s lifespan leading to less toothbrushes getting used and less waste. If you would prefer to keep your toothbrush out of the case whilst you are staying away then our single toothbrush holders are ideal for travelling and the perfect partner to your toothbrush and travel case set.


Each of our adult bamboo toothbrushes has a lifespan of approximately 3 months when cared for properly. They are the perfect alternative to plastic toothbrushes which create plastic pollution.

We’ve done a lot of research into toothbrush bristles and there is no perfect solution that is entirely eco-friendly. So we decided to give our premium toothbrush medium / firm nylon 11 bristles made from castor oil. This means the bristles are plant based and are a bioplastic. They’re not biodegradable and they cannot be recycled. They should either be put in a waste bin or put in an eco brick.

These are a more sustainable alternative to nylon 4 bristles which, whilst they do biodegrade, will create microplastics that pollute our oceans.

Another alternative we hear about is bamboo charcoal bristles but unfortunately the reality is they are actually nylon, not true bamboo charcoal.

If you don’t need the toothbrush then we also sell individual bamboo toothbrush travel cases as well.


As bamboo is biodegradable, once your toothbrush travel case has reached the end of its lifespan, you can simply place it in the compost and it will biodegrade naturally. You can also compost the bamboo handle of the toothbrush but first you should remove the bristles using pliers. These should go in the waste bin or an eco brick. If your council does industrial composting they may take the bristles.


The case has a diameter of 2.5cm  and a length of 21cm making it compact and easy to carry. The toothbrush is 18.7cm in length.

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We are a family owned and run business which was founded with a mission to reduce waste by promoting a zero waste lifestyle and by providing sustainable swaps that help to address our disposable culture. We handle all the customer queries ourselves and also pack and ship the orders in plastic free, recyclable packaging as well.

When you buy from us you are not only helping to be a bit more sustainable but also supporting a small business as well. So we really do appreciate every single order! Thanks for your support.

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