Angled Blue Stainless Steel Straws Plus Cleaning Brush | Pack of 6


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These angled blue stainless steel straws are a stylish and reusable replacement for plastic straws. They have no metallic aftertaste and are the perfect way to eliminate the plastic pollution created by disposable plastic straws. This set includes:

6 x angled blue stainless steel straws
1 x straw cleaner

Sets also available in other colours as well.

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6 x Angled Blue Steel Straws Plus Cleaning Brush | Zero Waste Straw Set+6 x Straight Blue Steel Straws Plus Cleaning Brush | Zero Waste Straw Set
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We are a family owned and run business. We package and ship all our orders ourselves in plastic free, recyclable materials.


Before the plastic straw ban in April 2020, England was using 4.7 billion plastic straws each year! Now reusable straws are the best alternative as paper straws are disposable and still create waste. Our angled blue steel straws also won’t disintegrate in your drink like a paper straw does and can be easily cleaned using the brush provided making it a much more sustainable alternative to single-use straws.


Did you know that using a straw can protect your teeth? In fact, dentists recommend it. If you love drinking juice or sodas, using straws may prevent your teeth from staining. There is no nasty metallic taste from our straws so they are perfect for parties or when you are on the go. Carry them in your bag so you are always ready for a drink on the go or just keep them in your cupboard for the next time you want to enjoy a cocktail in style!


These angled blue steel straws are made in Fujian, China, under good working conditions. The material is 18/8 steel and it is food grade material but does contain nickel at between 8 – 10.5%. Our cleaning brush has a steel (18/8 (304)) stem and nylon 6 bristles. It is the perfect cleaning brush for angled straws. The metal is twisted, resulting in the bristles sticking out at all angles. This means the steel straw is cleaned very well. The 304 steel is high quality and resistant to rusting so it will last a long time.


The total length of the straw is about 21.5cm and the diameter is 0.6cm.

The cleaning brush is 1cm in diameter but it compresses so it fits the straws well. The length of the cleaning brush is 19.8cm.


Angled Stainless Steel Straws Multiple Colours

Prefer another colour? These packs of six angled stainless steel straws are also available in gold, rose gold, neon, black and silver.

About Us

We are a family owned and run business which was founded with a mission to reduce waste by promoting a zero waste lifestyle and by providing sustainable swaps that help to address our disposable culture. We handle all the customer queries ourselves and also pack and ship the orders in plastic free, recyclable packaging as well.

When you buy from us you are not only helping to be a bit more sustainable but also supporting a small business as well. So we really do appreciate every single order! Thanks for your support.

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