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Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cups

We are fighting waste and rebelling against single-use, disposable culture through naturally sustainable, bold and striking reusable bamboo coffee cups.

Why Bamboo Coffee Cups?

Our bold reusable bamboo coffee cups are made from naturally antibacterial and biodegradable bamboo fibre. We love bamboo because it’s fast growing, renewable, absorbs large amounts of CO2 and produces more oxygen than other plants.

SALE PRICE: £6.99 (RRP: £10.95)

size: 450ml | 16oz

Great Taste

Our cups are made from naturally sustainable bamboo and come with a screw on bamboo fibre lid. These don’t affect the taste of your drink or create an unpleasant smell the way a silicone lid does.


The screw lid secures firmly to your cup to create an anti-drip seal and does not leak like a silicone lid can. It also comes with a secure silicone stopper to prevent spillages. Ideal for hot and cold drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks or fresh water.

Heat Resistant

A thick grooved silicone sleeve reduces the surface area in contact with your hot drink providing extra protection for your hand. Perfect for commuting, the office, gym or even camping and they fit in your car cup holder.


We believe in the quality of our product and offering you a risk free purchase. So if your cup breaks within a year of purchase we’ll provide a free replacement. Proof of purchase is all that you need.

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Worldwide Shipping

BPA & Phthalate Free

Biodegradable & Recyclable

Large 16oz / 450ml Capacity

Dishwasher & Food Safe

Max Tempertaure 120°C

Do Not Microwave

BAMBOO COFFEE CUPs save you money

Typical discount for using a resuable cup at coffee shops


0 p
per cup


0 p
per cup

Potential saving of

Up to

£ 0
per annum

Based on buying 5 takeaway coffees a week for 52 weeks

The Skinny On Your Skinny Latte

At least 2.5 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every year.

Only 1 in 400 are recycled.

Over 500,000 disposable coffee cups are littered every day.

making a statement

Design is a big part of our bamboo coffee cups. For our first cup we chose a forest theme to reflect the sustainable nature of the product and to symbolise what we are trying to achieve. Make a statement to the world with every single coffee you drink.

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