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Hi. My name is Alec and that is my son Coll. I wanted to tell you about us and the light bulb moments that led to the creation of Reusaboo. There were two of them and everything just clicked into place because of it. The first came whilst lazily browsing the internet one day. 

I stumbled across some sites that were promoting bamboo as a renewable and sustainable raw material that could be used to make a wide range of products. I know how fast bamboo grows as we have some in our garden and I was really taken with the potential it offered as a much more environmentally friendly material than many others.

Bamboo | Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup | Reusaboo
Takeaway Coffee Cup | Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup | Reusaboo

After a few months I was really keen on the idea of creating a product from bamboo but I didn’t know what. Then I found out that you could actually make reusable bamboo coffee cups to replace the takeaway ones. I looked into a bit more and found out that disposable cups are a massive environmental problem. 

From those light bulb moments Reusaboo and our first reusable bamboo coffee cup was born. I had a vision to create a company which could make a difference by promoting a zero waste lifestyle. One that helped to address our disposable culture through our products and increase awareness through our community. With your support I hope we can achieve that vision. 

Light Bulb | Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup | Reusaboo

I always felt that design was going to be a key part of the brand and our products. I love minimalist style flat illustrations with bold colours and striking shapes. I wanted our cups to stand out and thought this style would be perfect. For our first cup I decided to go with a forest theme to reflect the sustainable nature of our product. I approached Claire at Velvet Design and she took this vision and created our first beautiful design.  

Reusaboo | Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup | Forest Design About Us

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From the outset I wanted Reusaboo to be more than a brand. I wanted it to be a community of like minded individuals. I’m hugely grateful to everyone that helps to spread our message and we’re always trying to give back to you with sustainable living and zero waste tips, first access to new products, exclusive discounts and more. To become a member simply sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media.


The easiest way to contact us is by email at help@reusaboo.com