5 Reasons You Should Own A Reusable Coffee Cup

5 Reasons You Should Own A Reusable Coffee Cup
If you love coffee on the go then you really need to get yourself a reusable coffee cup. At Reusaboo we are on a mission to fight waste and rebel against single use culture with our reusable bamboo coffee cups. Here are 5 reasons why we think you should switch to a reusable cup.

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1. Takeaway Coffee Cups Are Unsustainable

Did you know that takeaway coffee cups are lined with plastic? It makes them waterproof and stops your coffee from causing the cup to disintegrate. It also makes them very unsustainable and difficult to recycle.

Plastic pollution is already a massive problem so by switching to a reusable coffee cup you can help reduce single use plastics. The WWF is leading the fight against plastic pollution and the eight million tonnes of plastic that is dumped in our oceans every year.

In the UK only 1 in 400 of our takeaway coffee cups are recycled. So every cup we use is contributing to a mountain of waste and plastic pollution. Given that we use 7 million takeaway coffee cups a day that mountain is growing very quickly.

By choosing a reusable coffee cup we can make a big contribution to reducing this waste. If you drink just two takeaway coffees a week you could reduce waste by over 100 disposable cups a year. If 10,000 of us did that we’d reduce cup waste by 1 million cups a year.

2. A Reusable Coffee Cup Saves You Money

Most coffee shops now offer a discount if you use a reusable coffee cup. You can save up to £0.50 a cup. So it is worth checking the discount available at your favourite coffee shops. You can also use our reusable coffee cup savings calculator to see how much you can save every year.

If we stick to our example of two takeaway coffees a week you could save over £50 a year. So a resuable coffee cup can quickly pay back that investment you made.

3. They Make A Statement About You

Coffee has become a status symbol. Everyone wants to be the person that knows where to get the best coffee in town and to be seen holding one of their cups.

But a reusable cup makes an even bigger statement especially to other savvy coffee lovers in the know. It says “I know a reusable cup is more sustainable and I care about the environmental impacts of my coffee consumption”. You don’t even need to say a word to convey that message – it’s implicit.

A nod of the head or a smile between reusable coffee cup users is enough to say that you understand each other. Not only do you both know the coolest place in town to get your caffeine but you do it sustainably too.

Of course, if you want to shout about why everyone should have a resuable cup we’d thoroughly encourage it.

Our reusable bamboo coffee cups have been inspired by great design that underlines the sustainable nature of the product. For our first cup we chose a forest theme to symbolise this.

Reusaboo | Reusable Coffee Cup | Forest Design

4. Reusable Cups Make Coffee On The Go Easier

Have you ever been rushing to catch a train or to get that bus when the coffee in your hand seemed to erupt like a volcano all over you? Don’t worry because we’ve all been there!

We designed our cups with a screw on lid and stopper to keep your drink in the cup where it belongs. Plus the bamboo fibre cup and lid does not affect the flavour of your coffee so it still tastes barista perfect.

Reusaboo | Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup | Forest Design | 16oz / 450ml | Product Benefits Inforgraphic

5. They’re Easy To Look After

We’re all busy and, lets be honest, a little bit lazy as well. So who can be bothered cleaning another cup when you get home? Well that is the very reason why our bamboo coffee cups can be easily washed in a dishwasher. So they’ll always be gleaming and ready for your next coffee.

Those are just 5 reasons why you should own a reusable coffee cup. Can you think of any others? If so, we’d love it if you drop them in the comments below.

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6 Quick Tips To Reduce Waste Today

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