5 Amazing Zero Waste Books You Must Read

5 Amazing Zero Waste Books You Must Read | Reusaboo
Reducing your waste can seem like a daunting task and sometimes it is hard to tell where to start. So we have put together a list of five amazing zero waste books that provide simple, practical and easy to implement advice.

6 Quick Tips To Reduce Waste Today

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If you are trying to reduce waste and live a eco-conscious lifestyle there are there some fantastic zero waste books packed with useful tips and advice that can really help achieve the change you seek. We have compiled five of our favourite zero waste books from some of the most knowledgeable and respected authors in the field.

1. Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life

Bea Johnson Zero Waste Home Book

Author: Bea Johnson | Buy On Amazon

Bea Johnson is the simply the Queen of zero waste. She started her zero waste journey in 2008 and has inspired the lifestyle movement ever since. Her message has reached millions across the world through her blog, videos, public speaking and zero waste book. Bea is an undisputed authority on personal waste reduction.

In this book Bea provides an inspiring example of a green lifestyle as well as offering practical and simple advice to help you minimise your environmental impacts and improve your life. She discusses how to use the 5 ‘Rs’ (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) to cut your waste drastically. Her inspiring story also highlights how being zero waste doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, it can actually save you money!

2. 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

101 Ways To Go Zero Waste Kathryn Kellogg Zero Waste Books

Author: Kathryn Kellogg | Buy On Amazon

Kathryn’s philosophy is that “it’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices”. She sets out that when small actions are done by hundreds of thousands of people they can deliver change to the whole world. A lot of people find the prospect of zero waste daunting. Surely it is impossible to have zero waste?! Well Kathryn stresses that perfection isn’t the goal and that all you have to do to make a difference is try.

In 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste, she shares her tips to reduce waste from simple things like refusing plastic straws to DIY recipes for beauty products and home cleaning. She provides advice on responsible consumption as well as how to make more ethical and responsible choices. Kathryn’s advice is wide-ranging from better choices for home goods to fashion, the office and even tips on waste free travel.

3. Zero Waste: Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash

Shia Su Zero Waste Books

Author: Shia Su | Buy On Amazon

Shia Su is the driving force behind Wasteland Rebel. She and her husband Hanno started their zero waste journey after becoming disillusioned with corporate consumerism. They wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle and became inspired by our Queen of zero waste Bea Johnson’s achievements.

What makes Shia’s book one of the best zero waste books is her light and positive take on everything. She highlights that we have a worldwide waste problem but her approach is to tackle it in a simple and fun way. The tips and advice offered here help to demystify the zero waste lifestyle and make it seem accessible and achievable for a beginner. You’ll find this book jammed full of practical advice and quick solutions that don’t over complicate things and make waste free living fun.

4. A Zero Waste Life

Anita Vandyke A Zero Waste Life Book

Author: Anita Vandyke | Buy On Amazon

Anita Vandyke describes herself as an ‘everyday activist’ because she makes daily changes to her lifestyle which help the environment. She spent years ascending the corporate ladder and trying to satisfy herself with expensive shoes and bags without success. Then she realised she had strayed so far from her core values that she wasn’t living the life she wanted to. That is when Anita discovered two ways of living that changed her life forever – minimalism and zero waste living.

In A Zero Waste Life Anita shows that living a zero waste lifestyle can give you more out of life. It can give you more time, more money and more satisfaction. The book focuses upon how small changes can help you to eliminate plastic in as little as 30 days without losing your lifestyle. Her practical and pragmatic tips make reducing waste less daunting which is frequently one of the biggest challenges we face.

5. What A Waste

Jess French What A Waste Book

Author: Jess French | Buy On Amazon

Jess French is a children’s author, conservationist and vet. Her wide ranging experience also includes presenting a series on CBeebies called “Minibeast Adventures with Jess”. As an author Jess writes books designed to inspire children to care for the planet.

What A Waste is a beautifully illustrated book designed to help educate children about the environment. Jess describes in an extremely accessible and eye catching style everything about what we’re doing to our environment. She tackles everything from pollution and litter to renewable energy and plastic recycling.

Jess doesn’t just focus on the bad though. She also discusses what we’re doing right including changes already being made to reduce our environmental impacts. So if you’ve been looking for a way to start educating your kids about green issues this book is perfect.

Those are our five amazing zero waste books you must read. For more great tips on reducing your waste see our 11 Zero Waste Lifestyle and Waste Reduction Tips inspired by the advice of some of the top zero waste bloggers in the UK.

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6 Quick Tips To Reduce Waste Today

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